What does it mean to be alive? This video explores the essence of existence through the lens of three fundamental principles that constitute a living being. Drawing upon the profound insights of Danish author Martinus, we delve into a world picture that transcends the physical realm, offering a unique perspective on life’s most enduring questions.

The journey begins with the principle of movement and change. We then explore the notion of intentionality, anchored by an unchanging “I” that directs and gives purpose to existence beyond mere physical manifestations. The final principle unveils the ability to create and perceive, highlighting the intricate relationship between the creator, the creation, and the underlying intention that binds them.

Martinus’ work provides a compelling argument that these three principles are indispensable. Together, they weave the fabric of life, challenging us to rethink our understanding of being alive.

The video goes into each of the principles and provides arguments for each one of them being necessary to have a living being. It shows that if we lack one of the principles then we cannot have a living being. It is also illustrated that the analysis of the living being is found in our number system and especially the number zero.

Join us in discovering the eternal world picture and the fundamental principles of living beings.

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