The video is about the role of our body from a spiritual perspective. The outset is that we are not our body. There is a living being behind the body that utilises the body. So what is our body? And how can we describe its function?

The video provides an answer to these questions based on the work of Martinus. Martinus provides an analysis of the living being divided into three principles, the I, the ability to create and the created. The assertion is that there is no living being without these three principles.

The living being is behind the body and is not the body itself. The video goes into what this means for our perception of our life and also our perception of death. We can, as living beings, get a new body if our body gets injured. We can be reborn. We know this as reincarnation.

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00:00 Intro
00:24 What is our body?
01:54 What is the role of our body?
02:42 The body’s role explained
03:54 Benefits of getting a new body

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