What is the meaning of life? This video asserts that our perception of the meaning of life goes trough 5 stages. Each stage has its own view on the world. Each world view leads to a certain way of understanding the meaning of life.

We delve into the development of the meaning of life starting with the nature people in amazaonan and the likes. From their instinct based world view, we go into a faith based world view with the big religions, which is followed by the more recent world view founded on science. Firstly we find the materialistic science that seeks to understand the materialistic part of the world. Secondly, we find the spiritual science that seeks to understand the intention behind the materiastic world. A true live science.

According to the Danish author, Martinus, the spiritual science is the final stage of the meaning of life, where we come to the ultimate or actual understanding of the meaning of life. Until this stage, we have made the meaning of life in our image.

We come to understand that the world has intention behind it and is not a random place. This intention want us the best. Firstly, we can understand this theoretically, but later as our intuition grows, we will come to understand the solution to mystery of on our own. This is the finale stage in the perception of the meaning of life where we understand its all one big living being.

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04:05 Stage 2 religion
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