1. The Principle of Life

1.1 Our universe comprises a living unit and our existence is the outcome of a living reality. Life constitutes existence, and as foundation of space and time, Life manifests reality as a cascaded living world.

1.1.1 Every belief, religious or scientific, is based on fundamental assumptions. With an assumption, a structure of values and rituals within a religion can be built. With an assumption, thousands of scientific books can be written that examines this assumption and uses it – in order to explain more complex matters within this train of thought.

1.1.2 This is an old but yet completely new assumption. It liberates the evolutionary train of thought where it becomes hard to explain the development of life, and it enlightens the religious believers to understand the nature of god and our place within.

1.1.3 The assumption is pretty simple: Life is fundamental – for the universe and everything within it. It did not arise out of a lifeless existence, life is fundamental for the movement of matter. Life has always been, and within everything there will ever be, it constitutes an eternal cycle. Time can be seen as a constant absolute center, where reality is built on the life that is lived, rather than a linear progression – where life “happens” in reality. It is this absolute center that is the experiencing “I” of everything in this universe.

1.2 Everything within this world comprises living beings at different levels, whereas all living beings describe assemblies of simpler living beings.

1.2.1 Now, as life is the basis for all matter, it means that everything within the world we experience must also represent forms of life. This is also the case, life and not matter is fundamental, so everything we build this reality on is an expression of countless numbers of living beings.

1.2.2 We can see this structure of life within life within our own body. The body consists of various organs, that in turn consist out of different cells that in turn consist out of molecules that in turn consist of atoms that in turn consist out of even smaller parts and so forth. Now, all these levels comprise living organsims within our organism, and are referred to as assembly.

1.2.3 In the same way as we consist of an assembly of living organisms, we are part of an assembly of a dimensionally larger living organism, the earth. Until now, we have simply seen the earth with all its life-supplying cycles of oxygen, water, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, mercury, phosphorus and sulfur – as something
not-living because it doesn’t directly react on our actions. In fact of course, the complete opposite situation is the case, the earth is dimensionally more living than we could ever imagine. Our organisms live and age in the superior being earth – through the “usage” of the manifested organism – like we use cells to live. Imagine putting all organisms on planet earth together in a living self [eternal body] ##1.3.3. The earth cannot be imaged round just because our understanding of energy is only in the terms of matter, it must be understood as the energy beyond – just as our brain has about 100 billion nerve cells, the earth has 8 billion humans. Now, just as the cells dont see themselves as part of a three-dimensional body, but act within the realm of chemical substances, earths manifestation of course – is way beyond the physical experience.

1.3 Every living being is a correlation of an eternal and absolute reference – “I”, a being with an ability of creation, and a time-bound, manifested organism.

1.3.1 This is the fundamental principle of a living being. It is the matter that is manifested by Life, not vice versa. Our universe is held together in this present, through one and the same “I” wich is the absolute reference. This “I” reference lives through our organs, like our brain and eyes, and experiences – through our physical representation – a level of reality. It is the level of these subsequent organs and organisms that decide how much, or which parts of reality that can be experienced. it is the level of reality that is experienced.
Just as thoughts are experienced through organs, and not “made” through “procceses”, the
reality is lived via the means of our organs, and not made up of “stuff” from an endless
chain reaction of events. Every single part of reality is alive! Everything is living!

1.3.2 In the same way, it is the level of our physical
representation, the manifested organism, that decides which parts of reality we can
interact within. We tend to think that reality is only what is physical, but as life is
the common ground, and not matter – reality is also dimensions above the physical realm.
The physical world is just a representation of our current level – where we are right now. This representation and levels of subsequent organs can of course evolve as the organisms are continuously exchanged. ##2

1.3.3 The “I” is linked with the physical organism through a being with ability of creation. Many would refer to this as the living self [eternal body]. It is only through the combination of these three – the manifested organism, the “I”, and the “being”, or living self [eternal body] – that a living being exists. It is through this principle of life that everything in the complete, living reality exists.

Symbol 16:
The basic structure of the living being is such that it has an eternal
centre or I that sends out various kinds of movements, which return to this centre. It
is eternally enveloped in a mass of cyclical movements. All cyclical movements when
completed result in a new cycle. This structure of movement around the I is therefore
eternal and is called the eternal body. Since all kinds of energy and movement without
exception emanate from the I and, through the cycle, return to this I, the being is the
absolute first cause of its fate and is therefore the only source of its fate. Eternal
and unshakable justice is thus shown to be an absolute reality.

1.4 The being itself is an immortal collection of principles
for life interaction by the means of its assembly of simpler beings.

1.4.1 The being, or living self [eternal body] – is the
part that creates the perspective, the subjective experience of life. It is this
partliving self [eternal body] that learns from its interactions and evolves through
repeated incarnations (manifestations). every manifestation ages through the “usage” within its superior being.

1.4.2 It is the being that describes the assembly setup of simpler living beings, and how this assembly should interact, both internally and externally. Within our physical realm of representation, the assembly setup boils down to a dna code. All our skills, instincts, abilities and personality are part of the life interaction abilities that the being carries with it.

1.4.3 The being does not only have a physical representation, but also other manifested organs which are not yet dominant in our current level of development.

2. The Unfolding of “I”

2.1 The creation process of the being emerges through the realisation via the eternal “I” within a superior living-being which becomes its “now” in the domain of the superior living-being. This unfolding of the “I” to the “now” introduces the being to the ever-changing present reality.

2.2 In the process of being voven into time, the immortal being creates its organism by compositions of assemblies from already existing living-beings available in the same domain.

2.2.1 We call this: having sex! therefore having sex is part of the creation process of a living self [eternal body].

2.2.2 There is no so-called “winner of receiving a body” to manifest itself within, as the complete process of creation is an intended act of the living being. In other words, you have chosen your parents (there are no excuses ;).

2.2.3 Everyone and everything becomes who/what/he has previously lived to be, creating itself within a dimension that corresponds to reflected actions from former lives ## 3.2 Every action will come back to you sooner or later, and through our experiences of these reflections, we learn. It is important to understand, that it is the most negative experiences that have the most positive effect on our development. Everything keeps learning and experiencing, and in this process, our complete planet earth has arisen.

2.3 The representation as living being is manifesed entirely through its own assembly beings which designs all its experience of life within this domain. A living being can only be as much as its assembly composition is able to represent, and it can only experience reality to the level that its subsequent assembly allows.

2.4 The life span of a living being lasts orders of magnitude longer than that of its subsequent living beings. Through this dimensional difference between a living being and its assembly components, it follows that new assembly components are continuously realised as the living being ages.

3. The Development of the Being

3.1 Every living being is bound to reality through the same absolute reference “I” which carries mental energy into the domain via the living being in form of thoughts or actions. As a natural cycle, all mental energies return to this absolute reference via the living being that enabled these energies to be realised.

3.2 The return of these energies can be both pleasant and unpleasant. It is through the manner of these reflections, that the living being experiences its own self and develops its life-interaction principles. According to this principle, it also follows, that ones current fate and place in reality is completely based on ones own prior actions.

3.3 The assembly of a living being develops by renewing the component beings. As these components in turn represent living beings, it means that this exchange implicitly means death for one living being, and the birth for another.

3.3.1 Exchanging the assembly components towards a certain improved way of being, requires a certain direction of development, which means a prior mindset of the being in question. As a simple example, to become a happy person, you need to live as if you were happy person. Simply smiling to yourself for half a minute in the mirror will make you smile, even when you stopped smiling. In the same way, any direction of development needs to be taken before it can “settle” as part of your manifested self.

3.4 When these outer circumstances lead to death of a living being, the “I” in the form of “now” is separated from the manifested organism, which means no new assembly beings are realised in this organism. The being of course prevails until it is again realised by a superior living being.

3.4.1 When the “I” has left an organism, its current assembly beings will live on under the circumstances that reside in this organism until the “I” is separated from their organisms and so forth.

4. The Meaning of Life

4.1 Every mental energy that manifests itself in reality is the outcome of a desire within a living being. This desire becomes the highest domain law in the subsequent layers of living beings within its organism.

4.2 This highest law unfolds to love for all living beings within the domain of the superior living being. Acting through love thus becomes the highest fulfilment of any living beings existence.

4.2.1 Therefore you shouldn’t look for the meaning of life but the meaning of love, in the sense of why, if you wish to find any for us understandable meaning

4.2.2 The levels of life is eternal and it is impossible to understand a complete meaning of life in terms of a reason. It brakes down to a realisation of love for whichever reason you could possibly think.

4.2.3 There is no absolute right or wrong in any action,
there are only actions with certain degrees of love.

4.3 The subsequent assembly of a living-being enables a certain level of conscious experience within reality. It is thus an enhanced conscious understanding that opens the living being to grow its organism into realising, experiencing and living a more fulfilling life.

4.4 It is through contrasts and opposites that we view the world around us. We must learn to identify with these opposites as being a part of our very selves, to experience reality with love as a fundamental part of our consciousness. It is through this state of mind that we enter the real human kingdom.

4.4.1 Instead of separating your world with “us and them”, you must start looking for common grounds. Your current manifestation arises through a process of an eternity of lives, so even if you look at another animal, you have probably at some point been very similar to this animal. In the same way, when you look at other people on the street, you might be able to imagine yourself being totally capable of getting into exactly that same situation. These people represent a possibility of you. In the duality of nature, you cannot of course see a person of the other gender as a possibility of yourself, but as this gender polarity has the purpose to complement living beings at a certain stage, a person of another gender represents a perfect match for a possibility of you.

4.4.2 When moving towards a self identification of all different things, you need not to worry about loosing your own identity or your awareness of yourself. On the contrary, this awareness – the consciousness will grow. Remember that your current manifestation comes from experiences and reflections from past lives, and not from thoughts. Think about the things you love, and realise how these are all a part of you. Understand how this identification is fundamental for trusting and loving anything.

4.4.3 By minimising the gap between “you and other”, you grow towards a wider perspective of the world, and you come closer to fundamental love, which becomes part of your conscious acting. It is only through the view of all that we can reach the present now and the experiencing “I”, and it is with this conscious acting that we awaken in the real world.