The first lecture hall


At that time there was no lecturehall. Martinus thought that there ought to be one, so an area of land behind the houses was bought. On this land there was a farmhouse. Later known as the swedish house. The first lecturehall was put up there. Build over a public holiday and a few week- ends. It held about a 100 people and was very primitive with a cementfloor, long green benches and a primitive podium made of brom handle. There was also a primitive slideprojector and a little room with a grammofone of which Martinus used to play some music, before starting his lecture. This helped the audience get into a quiet state of mind before the lecture. This was the first lecturehall. The next was built in 1949. It was a little bigger, and was built on the same area of land as the first one. It was however still not big enough, because more and more people were becomming interested, and in 1961 the present lecturehall was built. It has since been renovated and has been painted white. So there have been three lecturehalls in all, giving som indication of the growth of interest of Martinus´work.




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