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The lecture is recorded at the Martinus Centre, Klint, Denmark in May, 2020.
Donate! All donations – large and small – are welcome. Click here to donate from outside Scandinavia: https://www.martinus.dk/dk/da/martinus-institut/gaver-og-%20arv/stoette-med-pengegaver/
In Denmark donate via MobilePay 931514 ∙ Danish bank account no. 3565-0016913170.
Add your name and CPR-number if you would like to deduct your contribution from tax.
Sweden: Swedish plusgiro no: 7 40 39–9.
Norway: Danske Bank 81110775105.

The Martinus Centre, a centre for courses and holidays, is in Klint in the beautiful countryside of Odsherred County. Here you can enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the quiet calm of Nature and the social life while you immerse yourself in the spiritual world picture of the Danish writer Martinus.

At the centre there are two international summer weeks with lectures and study groups in English for both newcomers and those more familiar with Martinus’s work.

For further information and the 2020 summer course programme, see: https://www.martinus.dk/en/frontpage/

For podcasts in English: see The Martinus Cosmology Podcast: http://martinuscosmologypodcast.com/

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