Who are we? What is our place in existence? Is there life in the universe and in the microcosmos of our bodies? In this film, Mary McGovern gives a brief presentation of some central aspects of the world picture of the Danish spiritual writer Martinus (1890-1981). The film is an introduction to our second episode in the Martinus Cosmology Podcast: “Life Within Life Within Life”.

In this podcast, you meet Mary McGovern from Scotland and Colleen Turoczy from England.They reflect on the topics presented in the film, and on many other aspects related to Martinus’ cosmology, such as the development of human beings, the importance of vegetarian food, the role of Christ and other world redeemers, the world situation today and much more.

You can listen to our podcasts on www.martinuscosmologypodcast.com. Each podcast episode is introduced by a short film presenting the main topics of the episode.

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