Speech of the Universe

Essays in Martinus cosmology

By Thorkil Schultz Nielsen

Translated by Olov Fahlander



History and development.

Human materialism.

Reincarnation, karma og development.

The mission of darkness.


Microcosmos, mesocosmos and macrocosmos.



Micro-cosmos, meso-cosmos and macro-cosmos. The eternal World picture consists of the concept of neighbourly love, and everything and everyone in the entire universe. That is micro-cosmos, meso-cosmos (with animals and plants) and macro-cosmos. According to Martinus, also Christ did stress the concept of neighbourly love in this wider sense. Christ knew however, that his fellow beings not were enough developed to understand this concept of neighbourly love in its full meaning. It was therefore that he said: "I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now" [20].



Symbol 11

The Eternal World Picture, the Living Being II, The Eternal Godhead and the Eternal Sons of God.

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See a closer analysis of the symbol under "History and developement " and"Universe" or in "The Eternal World Picture I" by Martinus under symbol 11.


Seen from the perspective of humans, micro-cosmos consists of all organs, cells and atoms, and even smaller living parts from which their organism is constructed.



Mid-cosmos consists, besides earth humanity, also the plant- and animal kingdom, containing a vast amount of species and life forms. They are all on their road forward in development. As seen in symbol 29, there are several different roads. Martinus expresses these roads as lines or paths of development. Principally all living beings must go through the state of consciousness that is expressed as plant and animal kingdom, to reach a totally perfect physical "human organism". These perfect beings will of course be of widely differing sorts depending on which path they all have followed. As shown in the figure, there are several paths available. Thus man, birds and insects are in their own development paths.


Macro-cosmos consist of the earth, the sun-system, the Milky Way and other universes.




Symbol 29

Cosmic Paths of Evolution

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See a closer analysis of the symbol in "The Eternal World Picture III" by Martinus under symbol 29.



TThis symbol here (number 14), shows seven cosmic spiral cycles, wherein the middle one marked with a D and the cross formed figure, symbolizes the spiral cycle called middle- cosmos. Minerals, plants, animals and humans, all belong or are a part of this cycle as seen from the human perspective. To the left of this spiral there are three spirals, A, B and C that are also denoted as micro- cosmos. To the right for the D spiral (meso cosmos) there are accordingly three spirals E, F and G, which also from the human point of view are regarded as macro- cosmos. The A- spiral denotes the same thing as matter. The B-spiral denotes micro life forms that are cell based. The C- spiral is organ-beings in human, animal and plant organisms. The D- spiral consists of plants, animals and humans. The E-spiral is home for globes or planets. F denotes the spiral of solar- systems, while G is for galaxies like the Milky Way [21].



The symbol illustrates how we as humans are within the area of organic structure for the earth, which in turn, is itself within the structure area of the solar system. In that way things are organized through the Milky Way and further on eternally. The same principle still applies eternally inwards for micro- cosmos or the micro beings that we keep in our bodies or micro- cosmos. Higher spiral kingdoms are built up of and exist due to the micro lives or matter of the lower spiral levels. Living entities whether it is galaxies, solar systems, or planets or for that sake also humans, all have a responsibility to the lower spiral beings or micro lives. Thus our micro- cosmos is essential for our organism and existence.


Symbol 14

The Cosmic Spiral Cycle I

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See a closer analysis of the symbol in "The Eternal World Picture I" by Martinus under symbol 14.


To fulfil the law of neighbourly love to our micro beings it is the responsibility of a human to care for the optimal living conditions of these micro beings. With those instances where the human does not live up to this responsibility, there is sickness and misery, which in the end might mean a too early death. That task which humans are faced with is not a small one. But then they will get all the incarnations necessary in order to learn to love all things and every one. The reason for this is that neighbourly love and responsibility to micro-cosmos is closely coupled to human evolution. Martinus emphasises how important it is to learn to think with affectionate thoughts. And also the importance of giving your body the right kind of food and training.


The "Terrasse", Klint, Nykøbing Sj.


Vegetararian food at the "Terrasse", Klint, Nykøbing Sj., Denmark


Martinus emphasizes that the killing principle essentially is a vital condition for animals only. This is not the case for the present human. Despite this, eating food from beings from the animal kingdom due to ignorance has become a state of general custom. This habit has accompanied the unfinished human being right up to the culturally-developed ranks. In a short-term perspective, eating meat causes that there occurs sickness in the micro- cosmos of man, and in the long term it results in the creation of killer karma onto itself due to all the animal homicides that eating meat brings about. So it is a questionable habit to eat such highly developed beings, which the animal kingdom represents.


It is not a necessary thing, that animals should continually deliver their bodies to feed the human kind. The human body system or micro-cosmos becomes, successively as the development continues, more refined, and it will then find need for a more refined type of food. But since the humans however are still in the physical world, they must still have physical food, suited for their step of development. Martinus means that the best thing for humans at their present level of development is vegetarian food. The plant kingdom contains a vast amount of vitamins and energy, so that humans can live healthy, and the amount of variations are so diverse, that it is far from tedious being a vegetarian.


Vegetararian food at the "Terrasse", Klint, Nykøbing Sj.,Denmark



We must gradually learn to become conscious about a responsible treatment of our micro- cosmos, by giving it the best possible quality of food. But we will also learn at the same time, to understand the importance of treating our closest macro- cosmos in a responsible and caretaking manner. At the macro-cosmic level, the earth is that living being which is our primary protection. It is in our own interest that we give it the best possible conditions as well as to bring these conditions out to life. Those situations where we can make this influence effective is for example by not poising the earth and by not to overly consume or misuse the resources of the earth. In return, the Earth gives humans, which are its micro beings, optimal and harmonious conditions for life.


From a cosmic perspective mankind is making sabotage to the life force of the earth, when he either uses atomic power, exposes the earth with atomic test explosions, or undermines the earth's conditions for example by dropping atomic bombs. The by-product using atomic power is that the atomic waste cannot go back into the natural recirculation of the earth, while dropping bombs will also directly harm the micro beings of the earth. Instead of making sabotage to the life force of the earth, each individual and each society should ideally live up to the law of neighbourly love in a mutual cooperation with the earth.


The Earth seen from space.


In the same way/manner as each individual begins to understand the deeper properties in life in relation to his fellow beings, each individual society will also start to understand, what it is that creates unhappy or blissful relations between the inhabitants of its own and other states. This entire process of learning that the states must go through, in order to create happy and free conditions of life for all citizens of the earth, is very long. The road goes away from sabotage and misuse of the earths' life force, which in the long run might cause tremendous catastrophes without regard to country borders. It goes away from all forms of war between individual societies and states, on to an equally balanced and socially just world for everyone.


Symbol 26

The Perfect Human Kingdom of the Future

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See a closer analysis of the symbol under "History and development" and "Development of the society" in "The Eternal World Picture II" by Martinus under symbol 26.


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