Speech of the Universe

Essays in Martinus cosmology

By Thorkil Schultz Nielsen

Translated by Olov Fahlander



History and development.

Human materialism.

Reincarnation, karma and development.

The mission of darkness.

Microcosmos, mesocosmos and macrocosmos.

The universe.

Thorkil Schultz Nielsen

Olov Fahlander


Cosmic consciousness.


At a certain stage in the individual person's processes of development, according to Martinus, they will come to understand, that nothing is mere chance, that there is a Divine plan for all living beings, and that there exists a providence. This acknowledgement is intensified firstly after the person has experienced what consequences the culmination of darkness and their own godless materialistic form of life has meant. The sufferings and experiences gained from thereof will reshape the godless materialist into an evolving humane person. They have, after having been in contact with darkness, a necessity to get in a direct day conscious contact with this providence. This renewed demand for a contact to the providence; each will seek, quite independently of the surrounding culture, tradition and religion, to have satisfied. It may occur through meditation, or prayer to the Divine being.


Today there are many different forms of meditation, both of a western and of an eastern character. There are both natural and unnatural forms of meditation. It is however for Martinus very important to warn against the forms of meditations, that forces development towards higher states of consciousness. The daily practice of artificial techniques of meditation might result in a sudden penetration of higher cosmic forces into the physical being. Martinus warns heavily against those forms of meditation, and makes it explicit that the entry, into the still not ready-made human consciousness, of such energies that belongs to higher worlds, is very dangerous [29]. The reason is the undeveloped person still has not been prepared organically to withstand the energy of intuition. In that case there will be the nervous system and brain of the human being that will take damage. Another threat is that the morally immature person, thus through meditation might receive an intuitive glimpse, and become proud and arrogant, and could well get into ambitious monomania. In both cases this being will become restrained for some time, possibly for several lives, in his development.


Star Picture


Since it is only humbleness and neighbourly love, that through many incarnations will open "the port to wisdom" [30], Martinus' particular recommendation to the humans of today, is that they should use the prayer "Our Father" [31]. Christ, who was "one with his father" [32], and knew the eternal laws of the entire universe, has formulated these in universal and eternally valid extracts of thought. In its power of universal validation, they are not limited to any particular religion, but are provided for all humans of this world.


Martinus is of the opinion, that in the nine ingenious concentrations of thought, from which "Our Father" is composed, there is precisely that humbleness and unselfishness, that will secure the not ready made human from any form of dangerous entries into his senses. Through the prayer, the person will be training, as shown through the triangle at the centre (symbol 22), a direct connection to the Divine, symbolised by the great white triangle. From this, they may gain power and strength to meet their fate. This symbol here thus shows each living beings' cosmic connection to the Divine. The white and the purple coloured pyramid-shaped figure will symbolise the organic structure of this connection that exists between the Divine and each and every existing living being.


Martinus also points out, that without the ordinary form of prayer, there is still one way by which the human can practice directedness to God, i.e. through the daily relationship to his fellow being. Since all living beings are a part of God himself, this being expresses through the relationship to these beings, at the same time the relationship to the Divine. The direct addressing to the fellow being, in the form of a prayer for help, is thus the same as a direct address to the Divine, and the answer of the fellow being is the same as the answer of the Divine to that prayer.


Symbol 22

The Eternal, Cosmic and organic connection between God and the Son of God - II

© Martinus Ideal Fund 1964

See a closer analysis of the symbol in "The Eternal World Picture II by Martinus under symbol 22.


How should one thus relate oneself towards the eventual enemies or the hostile surroundings reaction to a prayer for help? Yes, here the Divine has spoken directly to the human, in that the apparent "enemy" is the tool of providence to let the human experience their own previous way of being, that will now, through the karma principle, return back to them. From this point of view, Martinus will recommend each individual to pray for and think with love about possible enemies, in order to finally get rid of the concept of enemies from his consciousness.



Symbol 20

The Forgiveness of Sins

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See a closer analysis of the symbol under "Reincarnation, karma and development "or in "The Eternal World Picture II" by Martinus under symbol 20.


When the human being has learned to know the cosmic rules of morality in full, they will gain cosmic consciousness and become, in the same way as Christ, "one with his Father". Cosmic consciousness is thus the culmination of an extended process of development, in which forgiveness after forgiveness finally is used to create "The Finished Human Being in God's Image after his Likeness" [33]. On the way in this process, man has slowly developed the ability to be neighbourly loving to each and all.



Symbol 23

The Finished Human Being in God's Image after his Likeness

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See a closer analysis of the symbol under "Reincarnation, karma and development "or in "The Eternal World Picture II" by Martinus under symbol 20.


As a forerunner to the entry of cosmic consciousness the human being will through several lives spontaneously experience cosmic glimpses [34]. During such a cosmic glimpse, man will experience though intuition, for example their own immortality; they see directly the law of cause and effect, and they understand, that all living beings are part of the same unity. For each cosmic glimpse this being is brought to a greater comprehension of the eternal cosmic law [35]. The high level of neighbourly love and sympathy will secure this man from misuse of knowledge and avoid mistakes, that belongs to lower states of development, such as to become arrogant or feel the need for self affirmativeness.


The cosmic glimpse is the forerunner of the actual "great birth" [36] or permanent cosmic consciousness. Cosmic consciousness or "the comforter, the holy ghost" [37] can absolutely and only enter at a moment in time, when this person through lovingness for all living and humbleness for the Divine or the greatness of the entire universe, has finally experienced that they should be for joy and blessing to each and every one. They have acknowledged, that there is nothing outside of God, and all harm that they will do to fellow beings, is done toward this God. The fact that such a cosmic individual, a long time ago has become a vegetarian, is naturally obvious.


In order to allow the intuition energies of cosmos to penetrate into the human mind, in a quite natural way and without causing damages to the human brain and nervous system, there is an absolute necessity that there is a balance between the intelligence and the emotional energy. This means that neither the first nor the second of these energies, which both shall be developed to a high humane level, shall have dominance in the human consciousness.


Symbol 11

The Eternal World Picture, the Living Being II, The Eternal Godhead and the Eternal Sons of God.

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See a closer analysis of the symbol under "History and developement " and"Universe" or in "The Eternal World Picture I" by Martinus under symbol 11.


The cosmically initiated person has direct access to all the highest eternal laws and principles of the universe and they will intuitively understand that everything is logical and that "all is very good" [38]. Thus, it was with this enormous knowledge about the course of evolution and the eternal laws of being, that Christ incarnated in physical matter in order to help humanity progress, and also to attain the same state of consciousness the he had, through the growth of neighbourly love in their own mind.



Thorvaldsens Christ figure in "Vor Frue Kirke"(Our Lady's Church) Copenhagen.


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